The only water filter suitable for babies

DIONELA is a world unique water filter determined for preparation of high quality drinking water. It removes chlorine and its carcinogenic combinations, heavy metals and many other harmful substances

More over, DIONELA type FDN-2 , removes also nitrates and thanks to its exceptional properties, it was approved by the main hygienist of the Czech Republic as the only filter for preparation of water for babies above 6 months of age. The technology of the filter cartridge was awarded a gold medal on the international exhibition of inventions MUBA-81 in Switzerland.

The exceptionally high volume of sorption material in the filter is one of the reasons of its exceptionally high efficiency.
DIONELA accepts three types of replaceable filter cartridges. You can choose the right filter cartridge for DIONELA based on your requirements and problems with drinking water.
  1. Do you dislike the taste of chlorinated water? Do you distrust the quality of your drinking water?
    The right solution is DIONELA with the FAM-1 cartridge! The capacity of the cartridge is 38000 litres, the price of treated water is 0.03 – 0.18 Ke per litre.
  2. Do you want have the highest quality of water without nitrates? With the quality suitable also for older babies?
    The right solution is Dionela with the FDN-2 cartridge! The filter cartridge 130 has a capacity of 1200 litres (depending on the amount of nitrates and sulphates in the incoming water). The price of the treated water is 0.40 – 2.70 Ke per litre.
  3. Are you dissatisfied with the appearance , taste and smell of your tea or coffee?
    The right solution is Dionela with the FTK-3 cartridge! The filter cartridge 600 has a capacity of 2400 litres (depending on the temporary hardness of water. The price of treated water is 0.28 – 0.72 Ke per litre.
  4. Do you want to produce a lot of waste? Dou want to burden you family budget with about 20 000 Kč per year? Then keep on buying packed water for a price ranging from Ke 6.60 to 9.80 per litre.
Single filter cartridges can be purchased in advance and replaced continuously or purchased only after the previous cartridge is used up.

Our product was approved by the Chief hygienist of the Czech republic; registration number 13401 zn: HEM-3244-30.3.95