The handcuffs RALKEM are intended for sale temporary restraining and transport of a suspect, no matter of age or sex of the suspect.

Handcuffs models 9900, 9921, 9923, 9924, 9925, 9930 use a chain between the cuffs. Handcuffs models 9922, 9926, 9927 use hinges between the cuffs whitch restrict the freedom of movement of the sespect's hands and legs. Double lock mechanism disables unlocking all of these models by any means but the original key.

Design and engineering secure the safe operation of the handcuffs for Police, Security Enterprises and other users.

Technical data:

  • Applicability for different wrist and leg size
  • Security lock disabling accidental or intentional tightening the jaws
  • Both sides unlocking availability feature
  • Anticorrosive surface treatment on all parts.


    Model Specification Weight
    9900 with chain 280 g
    9921 with chain 340 g
    9922 with hinges 370 g
    9922 suitcase handcuff 270 g
    9924 with chain and hand-click 360 g
    9925 legcuffs with hand-click 620 g
    9926 restraint chain (with hinges and leather belt) 370 g
    9927 with hinges and hand-click 390 g
    9930 combination 1300 g